WNBA Makes Historical Move with Toronto Expansion a New Era for Canadian Basketball

TORONTO – In a groundbreaking move, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has announced its expansion beyond the United States, with Toronto being awarded a new franchise. This historic decision marks the WNBA’s 14th team and the first to be located outside the U.S. The new team is set to debut in the 2026 season, signifying a major milestone in the league’s growth and international reach.

The ownership and operational responsibilities for the Toronto team will be managed by Kilmer Sports Ventures. At the helm is Larry Tanenbaum, a seasoned sports executive who also serves as the Chairman of the NBA Board of Governors and the Chairman of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.

This organization is renowned for its ownership of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, MLS’ Toronto FC, among other sports franchises. Tanenbaum’s leadership saw the Raptors clinch their first NBA championship in 2019, underscoring his knack for building successful sports teams.

“Bringing a WNBA team to Toronto represents an important milestone for our league as we continue to expand both domestically and outside the United States,” expressed WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert. “With Larry Tanenbaum’s distinguished record of leading successful sports franchises and Toronto’s appeal as a dynamic, diverse city that cares deeply about the game of basketball, we are confident that this new team will thrive as a first-class WNBA organization and become a great source of inspiration and support for the Toronto-area community and across Canada.”

Tanenbaum reflected on the significance of this expansion, stating, “Today is a game-changing day not only for women’s basketball but also for sports in Canada. This franchise will be Canada’s team, and we are so excited to unite the country and inspire pride and passion in fans from coast to coast.”

The team’s home base will be the historic Coca-Cola Coliseum at Exhibition Place in downtown Toronto. Plans are also in place to hold additional games at the Scotiabank Arena and potentially at other locations across Canada, allowing fans nationwide to engage with and support their team. Additionally, a cutting-edge practice facility dedicated to the team and community initiatives is on the agenda, emphasizing the commitment to nurturing local talent and community involvement.

Impact on the WNBA

The introduction of a WNBA team in Toronto is expected to have significant positive impacts on the league. This expansion represents a crucial step in the WNBA’s strategy to grow its brand internationally and reach new markets. Here are some key ways the Toronto expansion is likely to impact the WNBA:

1. Increased Global Reach: Toronto, as one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in North America, provides the WNBA with a gateway to a broader international audience. This move is anticipated to attract new fans from across Canada and beyond, thereby increasing the league’s global presence and viewership.

2. Enhanced Sponsorship and Revenue Opportunities: With the addition of a Canadian team, the WNBA stands to attract more sponsorship deals from Canadian and multinational companies looking to capitalize on the expanding market. This can lead to increased revenue streams for the league and its teams, providing more financial stability and opportunities for growth.

3. Growth of Women’s Basketball: The establishment of a WNBA team in Toronto will likely inspire more young women and girls in Canada to take up basketball, contributing to the development of the sport at the grassroots level. This can lead to a stronger talent pool for the league in the future, enhancing the overall quality of play.

4. Boost in Media Coverage: The expansion is expected to generate significant media attention both in Canada and internationally. Increased media coverage can help elevate the profiles of WNBA players, promote women’s sports, and highlight the league’s efforts in fostering diversity and inclusion in professional sports.

5. Cultural Exchange and Competitiveness: Integrating a team from Toronto into the WNBA brings a unique cultural exchange and adds a new dynamic to the league’s competition. It can foster a healthy rivalry between Canadian and American teams, enriching the overall competitiveness and excitement of the league.

6. Strengthening the League’s Brand: Expanding to Toronto helps reinforce the WNBA’s brand as a pioneering and inclusive sports league. This move aligns with the league’s mission to empower women through sports and promote gender equality on a global scale.

A Bright Future for Women’s Basketball in Canada

The establishment of a WNBA team in Toronto is poised to transform the landscape of women’s sports in Canada, offering a premier platform for female athletes to shine on an international stage. This new franchise is expected to cultivate a robust fan base and inspire a new generation of young women and girls to take up basketball.

WNBA’s Full Press Release


For fans eager to support the team from its inception, season ticket deposits can be placed at WNBA Toronto Tickets, ensuring their participation in this historic journey. With experienced leadership, enthusiastic fans, and community support, the future is promising for Toronto’s new WNBA team.

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As the anticipation for the 2026 season builds, excitement is palpable across Canada. The introduction of a WNBA team in Toronto not only amplifies the league’s presence but also enriches the broader professional sports scene in Canada, heralding exciting seasons ahead and a new era for women’s basketball.

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