Jimmy Butler wants a max, two-year extension from the Heat. So far, they seem hesitant. Teams like the 76ers are interested. Trading Butler could help the Heat acquire younger assets. 

The Lakers want Russell to opt into his deal for trade flexibility. Russell may prefer free agency for a long-term deal, but without obvious suitors, he's a trade candidate if he opts in. 

Mitchell could be traded if he doesn't extend with the Cavs. Signs point to him staying, but his status remains uncertain until he signs.

Andrew Wiggins has three years left on his contract and hasn't performed well recently. Warriors are looking to trade him for a more reliable third option in the team.

The Blazers signed Jerami Grant to a hefty contract but are struggling in a rebuild. Trading him now might be the best bet to cash out on his value.

The Hawks backcourt struggles make Trae Young a valuable trade piece. Although interest is limited, for the 25-year-old three-time All-Star Atlanta is looking to trade him.

Kyle Kuzma nearly moved to Dallas but stayed. Another wing-needy team might sway him. With the Wizards rebuilding, Kuzma could be on the trade block.

Alex Caruso's stellar defense and improved shooting make him highly desirable. With one year left on his contract, now seems the right time for the Bulls to move him.

With the Suns unlikely to trade their core stars, Jusuf Nurkic's $18 million salary is their significant trade piece. Finding a deal might be challenging due to limited draft capital.

Bruce Brown, Playing for Raptors had a down year but remains versatile. A team will likely trade for him and try to extend him, making him a trade target.