Isiah Thomas Slams Stephen A Smith Over Comments on Jaylen Brown

In a recent tweet, NBA legend Isiah Thomas came to the defense of NBA superstar Jaylen brown, voicing strong support for the Boston Celtics star while taking a dig at Renowned Sports journalist Stephen A Smith. Isiah Thomas a mentor to Jaylen brown since his days at UC Berkeley, did not hold back in his criticism of Stephen A Smith’s recent comments about brown.

On an Episode of First Take this Week, Stephen A Smith read a Text from Someone (his sources) that claimed Jaylen Brown’s attitude isn’t very good and as a result, he is not especially ”Marketable”

Isiah Thomas stated that Jaylen brown is 100 percent marketable he challenged Stephen A Smith to ensure his sources are credible before making Any public statements. Tell your source to put their names on it or don’t speak on it.

Isiah Thomas tweet highlights his belief in brown character and marketability, reinforcing the young players reputation amidst the scrutiny. This public defense adds a significant voice to the conversation surrounding Jaylen brown, demonstrating the deep respect and support he has from influential figures in the NBA community.

Stephen A Smith Responds

In response to Isiah Thomas Stephen A Smith expressed his confusion over Isiah Thomas tweet, I have no idea what you’re re talking about, I have been a fan of Jaylen brown for years. Still, I am. What’s unfortunate is that you – who’s known me for decades would choose to go on X to express whatever dissent you feel instead of calling me directly. But I get it it’s a pattern several folks have used me recently, suddenly forgetting communication we’ve always had so be it. I root for Jaylen brown always a great dude and player. But the Celtics have to close the deal.

Jaylen Brown Calls out Stephen A Smith

The exchange escalated when Jaylen brown himself joined the conversation, tweeting state your source

Stephen A Smith, Jaylen brown Responds

Which Stephen A Smith replied, emphasizing journalistic principles, first off, that’s not happening. It’s journalism not revealing sources secondly if you continue to watch the segment, I completely disagreed with them as did Kendrick Perkins.

The point we were actually discussing is how underappreciated you are and why that may be, which is why I read the quote. I even brought up how socially conscious you are and how that may not be liked, knowing you’re a good brother also that you’re a $300m man and you deserve it. But that doesn’t mean naysayers don’t get heard that comes with the territory.

Kendrick Perkins Reacts

Kendrick Perkins also joined the conversation, supported Stephen A Smith’s stance by tweeting, See the thing I hate about clips is that Stephen A Smith, Jay Williams and myself went on to praise Jaylen brown about his leadership and especially the role he plays in the black community.

Brown has been a key player for the Celtics both on and off the court. He has also made significant contributions to social justice causes including the 7uice foundation which focuses on education and empowerment for youth. His leadership extends beyond the basketball court, making him a respected figure in both sports and community circles.

The controversy reflects broader tensions in sports media where the athletes often feel misrepresented and under-appreciated by analysts. It also points to the challenges journalists face in balancing critical analysis and takes with respect for the individuals they cover. Stephen A Smith known for his outspoken and often controversial takes has a history of stirring debate which is part of his journalism but also invites a lot of scrutiny not only among the Current NBA players but also the fans and whole NBA community.

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Thomas’s passionate defense of brown indicates the strong mentor- mentee relationship he shares with Jaylen brown it also highlights how former players like Thomas who have transitioned into advisory roles, continue to influence the careers and public perceptions of current players.

The exchange between Isiah Thomas Stephen A Smith and Kendrick Perkins provides a window into the dynamic and sometimes contentious relationship between athletes and sports media.

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