Drew Gordon Brother of Aaron Gordon Passes Away in a Tragic Car Accident

Portland, OR – Former NBA forward Drew Gordon, widely known for his time with the Philadelphia 76ers and as the older brother of Denver Nuggets star Aaron Gordon, has tragically passed away at the age of 33. The devastating news was confirmed by his agent, Calvin Andrews, to ESPN Andscape earlier today.

Early Life and College Career

Drew Gordon was born in San Jose, California, and quickly made a name for himself in the basketball world. He began his college basketball career at UCLA before transferring to the University of New Mexico. At New Mexico, Gordon flourished, becoming a standout player known for his rebounding prowess and defensive skills. His performance in college laid the foundation for his professional career, both in the NBA and overseas.

Drew Gordon

Drew Gordon Professional Career

Gordon’s professional career kicked off when he signed with the Philadelphia 76ers, where he played nine games during the 2014-15 NBA season. While his time in the NBA was brief, it was marked by his dedication and hard work on the court. After his stint with the 76ers, Gordon continued his career internationally, playing for various teams in leagues across Europe and Asia. His journey through the professional basketball landscape demonstrated his passion and commitment to the sport.

Drew Gordon has played for teams in countries such as Italy, Turkey, France, Lithuania, and Russia. Additionally, he had brief periods in the NBA and the NBA G League. Known for his athleticism, rebounding ability, and strong defensive presence, Drew Gordon has built a reputation as a versatile and reliable player in international basketball.

Drew Gordon Personal Life and Legacy

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Drew Gordon was a beloved figure among his peers and fans. His close relationship with his younger brother, Aaron Gordon of the Denver Nuggets, was well-known. The Gordon brothers shared a bond that extended beyond basketball, supporting each other through the highs and lows of their respective careers.

Drew Gordon’s sudden passing in a car accident in Portland, Oregon, has left the basketball community and his loved ones in shock and mourning. He is remembered not only for his contributions on the basketball court but also for his character, resilience, and the positive impact he had on those around him.

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A Tragic Loss

The news of Drew Gordon’s death is a profound loss to the basketball world. Tributes and condolences have poured in from former teammates, coaches, and fans, all of whom recall his talent, determination, and the joy he brought to the game.

“Drew was a tremendous player and an even better person,” said his agent, Calvin Andrews. “He had a significant impact on everyone he met, and his legacy will live on through the countless lives he touched.”

As the basketball community and the world at large come to terms with this tragic loss, we extend our deepest sympathies to the Gordon family. Drew Gordon’s legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of basketball players and fans alike.

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